Hoot + Louise

If there were an award for most adorable store in Memphis, it would have to go to the ultra-cute South Main boutique, Hoot + Louise.

I'm generally a fan of any business named after someone's grandmother, and Hoot + Louise is no exception. Owner Anna Avant has an awesome mix of vintage items and pieces from indie designers. Plus, how can you not love a store that has this guy hanging out in the dressing room?

Come here often?

OK less talking, more shopping!

OMG you guys, can we talk about that blue hat for a second? The tag says it's a 1950's Mohair Pillbox Hat with veil, and I say it's fabulous.

Totally wearing this Snoozer Loser dress to my next yacht party (on a side note: do any of you guys have a yacht I can borrow?)

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