Lunchbox Eats

Let's face it: being an adult is hard. You have to deal with taxes, traffic jams, and worst of all, flossing. It's enough to make you just want to roll out your nap mat, cradle a juice box, and go to bed.

Why not visit Lunchbox Eats instead?

This downtown restaurant makes you feel just like you're back in school, but this time the food is way better. Menu items like the Homeroom Chicken and Grids pictured below, are served on lunch trays and jumbo pencils are provided for you to jot down your menu selections (no cheating!).

Psst...the answer is "C".
Back to the Field Trip Greens salad featured homemade pickles, cornbread croutons and tabasco onions. The presentation was gorgeous, but unfortunately I completely demolished it before getting a good pic. I decided against ordering the Mango Lemonade, but had total beverage envy when my friend received her jar full.

I can't wait to try Lunchbox Eats again and sample the rest of their menu (Honor Roll Burritos, anyone?). I have some leftover school puns, so I'll go ahead and give Lunchbox Eats an A+ for food and extra credit for a super fun concept!

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